When and where are the photos taken?

Photos are taken during your stay in either Calvary John James or Bruce Private Hospitals in the maternity wards. A mini studio is set up in an allocated room. Bookings are essential and can be made at Maternity Reception or preferably by sending us an email.  We visit the hospital twice during the week, so to ensure you don’t miss us, please book as soon as your baby is born.

What should your baby wear?

Bring bub wrapped wearing only a nappy. We provide a selection of beautiful wraps and blankets.

How long does the session take?

Sessions last 30-40 minutes. Please ensure your baby is fed prior to the session.

Can we take photos on our phone?

No. We are the Hospital’s contracted newborn specialist photographers. We work hard to offer a professional service providing you with beautiful newborn photos. Our finished product (photos) represent the skill, time and care we take in providing our service.

How do we view our photos?

A selection of 20-40 images will be available for viewing within a week of the session.You will be sent an email link with a unique password and details on how to view and order from your private online gallery.  You may share this with friends and family.

Please note that downloading or copying images from our website is illegal

How can we order our photos?

Online ordering is offered for three weeks before your gallery is deleted. We have an EARLY BIRD special for those who place an order within 14 days of receiving this link. Once your order is received we will start processing your chosen images. In the processing we will remove any blemishes. Your digital portraits will be available for download through Dropbox. You will be notified when your baby’s beautiful portraits are ready to come home.

How long does it take to get our photos?

Once your order has been placed, images will be processed and available to download via Dropbox – Approximately 14 business days

Can we print and share our images with family and friends?

Yes. The newborn collections you purchase are high resolution images. They can be printed as photographs, used for thank you cards, canvas prints, or framed prints.

Will they have your logo on them?

No. The final images you purchase will not carry our logo.

Who owns the copyright and what does it mean?

Sage Photography owns the copyright of all images we take, this basically means that you cannot sell, manipulate or use them for promotional purposes.  Images cannot be downloaded or copied and used from our website without our permission as this is illegal.

Does the free photo session include the digital images?

No, however all images are available for purchase with our special Newborn Digital Collections starting at $425 for 10 high resolution digital images.

What sort of photos are included in the session and what do I need?

We provide a selection of beautiful wraps and blankets. Please also ensure your baby is fed prior to the session. During your session we capture a selection of beautiful images of your newborn baby, every session if different.  It is also your choice if you would like to be photographed with your baby. You can just sit, relax and watch you little miracle’s first photography session.

Is there a minimum I need to order?

Yes, the minimum order is 10 images, however the average order for images are between 25-30.

If you are having a baby at Calvary John James or Bruce Private Hospitals and would like to receive a brochure about our sessions, please enter your details below.


Can we have our photos taken at home?

If you have had a baby and our starts don’t align during your staying hospital, you are welcome to come back into the hospital for a period of 10 days after discharge. 

Alternatively, for a small call out / session fee of $120 I can come to your home and provide you with a 1-2 hour family / newborn session. This allows for comfort and time, both which will ensure a natural and beautiful portrait session. You will have time for settling, nappy changes, feeding, and most importantly including the other equally important members of your family.


Bookings are essential, call Holly on 0408 205 519. xx